The Indeed Guide To Hosting a Successful Hiring Event

by Indeed Hiring Events

Posted on October 5, 2018

Picture of a hotel hiring event

A well-run hiring event helps you hire more candidates quickly, lowering your cost per hire.

This is especially helpful when you need to fill many roles, such as opening a new store or making seasonal hires.

The key to running a successful hiring event is attracting the right talent. You want to make sure your event draws candidates that you'd hire on the spot. But how?

Indeed has helped numerous companies meet their staffing goals with Indeed Hiring Events, a new product for easily attracting and managing candidates for these events.

A hiring event is similar to a job fair, but it's hosted by a single employer. This gives them more control over the candidate experience.

Setting Goals For Your Event

Before you begin planning for a hiring event, its important to set an attendee goal. There are two reasons for this.

First, if you're trying to make a certain number of hires, you need a certain number of candidates to show up for you to realistically hit the target.

The other reason setting a goal is important is staffing. You don't want job seekers to arrive at your event, realize there is a long wait to meet with a manager and leave. This keeps you from meeting with potential hires, and it can hurt your brand. On the other hand, you also don't want your management team waiting around all day for candidates to show up.

Pro Tip

If you plan on hosting several hiring events, be sure to document your projected and actual attendee counts so you can make better predictions moving forward.

Here's a framework for figuring out your attendee goal.

The actual numbers may differ for your organization or industry, but this provides a helpful starting point.

  1. Start with the number of roles you'd like to fill.
  2. Multiply the number of roles by three to find your target number of attendees. (Or if you know generally how many people you need to interview in order to make one offer, use that number as your multiplier.)
  3. Multiply the number of attendees by five to find your target number of RSVPs.

For example, if you have 20 roles that you need to fill, you'll need at least 60 attendees and 300 RSVPs.

If you're using Indeed Hiring Events, ask your Account Manager to help you come up with the right number.

Preparing for Your Event

Secure a venue for your hiring event.

Keep it simple. Use a venue that people would expect, such as an existing store location or a hotel conference room.

Pick a relevant location. The venue you select should relatively close to where your potential hires will work.

Make sure it's accessible. We recommend avoiding paid parking unless you've offered to cover it. Picking a venue next to a public transportation stop is a plus.

Be easy to find. Imagine arriving at the venue and trying to find your way to the event. If it's not easy to navigate, consider placing signs in strategic locations to help attendees get around.

Know where to look for the best candidates

Use both online and offline resources. Today's job seekers are digital, so make sure they can find details for your hiring event online. Word of mouth and other offline resources can complement your online efforts and help boost your reach.

Leverage job sites with large reaches. One of the main challenges of hosting a hiring event is driving attendance. Your candidates are searching job sites for their next role. Be sure your event is where they're looking. With Indeed Hiring Events, we use targeted ads and sponsored posts to get your event in front of the 200M job seekers per month on (Google Analytics, Unique Visitors, September 2016), which can greatly amplify attendance.

Promote through your company channels. Repost your event link to social media and other company pages to make sure it reaches folks who are engaged with your brand.

Boost Attendance with automated reminders

Keep track of potential candidates. Collect and manage RSVPs in a central location. Indeed Hiring Events does this for you automatically, so you can focus on interviewing and hiring.

Remind candidates about your event. Our data shows that a good approach is to send them a text and an email the day before your event.

Set attendees up for success. Make sure important event details, such as the address, start time and what to expect, are clearly spelled out in each text and email reminder. For example, if you want job seekers to bring their resumes and dress in a business casual style, say so. When people have a stronger sense of what to expect from your event, they're more likely to show up and be successful.

Pro Tip

Use our sign-in tool to track attendance at your event. As a bonus, reach out to RSVPs that did not sign-in and give them the option to reschedule an interview, attend a later event, or follow up with you separately.

Hosting Your Event

Be prepared. Bring a laptop or tablet to check attendees in, and manage interview times and next steps. With Indeed Hiring Events, we offer a digital sign in experience, so that we can keep track of attendance metrics and send automated follow-up texts to candidates who don't show up.

Give a warm welcome. Assign an employee to greet each job seeker that walks through the door. A handshake and a friendly smile go a long way to creating a positive first impression of your business.

Provide refreshments. Job seekers waiting to be interviewed will appreciate having snacks. Coffee, juice, water, and finger foods are all good options.

Keep attendees in the loop. As you conduct interviews, clearly explain your hiring process to each job seeker. Share a high-level overview of what the next steps might be, and how long it will take for you to get back to them.

Express your appreciation. Regardless of whether you decide to extend an offer, it's important to thank every job seeker for their time. It's important that they feel good about their experience - especially if you're a foodservice business - since they may be future customers. Job seekers will probably discuss your hiring event with friends, too. Since word of mouth can impact your employer brand, you want their experience to be as positive as possible. Some businesses provide a token of their appreciation, such as a coupon or company swag.

Did you know?

Make sure your hiring managers put their best feet forward. People who are satisfied with their candidate experience are 38% more likely to accept a job offer. (IBM, The far-reaching impact of candidate experience, 2017).

Following Up After Your Event

Reach out to no-shows. Content candidates who couldn't attend your event to reschedule their interview. With Indeed Hiring Events, employers can choose to have automated messages sent to candidates who couldn't attend the event. Our data shows that this easy step can result in up to 17% more interviews (Indeed Data US).

Make hiring decisions quickly. Don't miss out on top talent. If you think an attendee is a good fit, let them know right away! 54% of job seekers report that not hearing back from a company recruiter for longer than a week after interviewing undermines trust.

Be transparent about your process. Communications make a big difference to job seekers. In fact, 60% of candidates say "better communication throughout and after the application process," would make the most positive impact on their experiences. (The Candidate Experience Study, CareerArc & Future Workplace, 2016)

Measure the success of your hiring event. Keep track of the metrics you used to calculate your event goals: number of RSVPs, event attendance, number of offers and number of hires. You can use these to calculate your cost per hire and optimize your next hiring event.

Reap the Rewards

Hiring events are a powerful lever to pull when you need to make a lot of hires fast. When run well, they can help lower your cost per hire while providing job seekers with a unique and delightful experience. Indeed Hiring Events can help you attract the right candidates and manage logistics for your next event so you can focus on interviewing and hiring.