HCR ManorCare uses Indeed Hiring Events to attract thousands of candidates in a tight job market.

by Indeed Hiring Events

Posted on 5 October 2018

nursing hiring event

HCR ManorCare is a nationwide network of more than 500 health care facilities operating under three brand names.

‘We strive to provide the best patient care at all of our locations, and attracting staff who are both qualified and compassionate is a very important part of meeting that goal’, says Annette Foght, Director of Recruiting and Talent Management.

The tight labour market for nursing talent makes recruiting in healthcare difficult, especially when trying to fill roles in rural areas. Foght flagged these challenges with her account manager, who suggested trying a new product: Indeed Hiring Events.

‘We made 199 hires nationwide with a single-day event, and our cost per hire was significantly lower than average.’

– Annette Foght Director, Recruiting and Talent Management, HCR ManorCare

With Indeed Hiring Events, Foght’s team was able to schedule a one-day, nationwide hiring event at 120 of their locations. They recruited registered nurses, licensed practical nurses and certified nursing associates. Indeed managed the posting of different job titles and event locations on Indeed.com to drive attendance.

Foght received regular updates on how many people RSVP'd to the events, which allowed her to forecast how many recruitment managers she’d need at each location.

‘We had over 3,000 attendees, which was a great turnout, and forecasting attendance allowed us manage logistics so everything went very smoothly.’

Using Indeed Hiring Events, HCR ManorCare hired 199 candidates at a single-day event, and their cost per hire was significantly lower than average.

‘Being able to make so many quality hires even with such a tight job market is really exciting. Using Indeed Hiring Events has been a huge win for us.’