Product Overview

The content on this page may not fully represent the most current product or service, which is subject to change.

Step 1: Creating the Event Page

Client Intake Form

Fill in this info to create the Event Page.
Add screener questions, job openings and descriptions.
A CS Rep will review the finished submission and create a live event.

Step 2: Viewing the Event Page

Event Page

A branded, shareable event page to collect RSVPs

Features of the Event Page

Screener questions and time slotting: Screener questions ensure only candidates that meet your qualifications will be able to attend your event

Event Page Ads

ITA and Sponsored Job ads promote the Event Page on

Step 3: Pre-event

Candidate RSVP confirmation

Daily client event update email

Links to sign-in tool, RSVP spreadsheet, and more.

Linked spreadsheet

Candidate reminders

Automated text and email reminders to RSVPs drive higher attendance to events

Step 4: Event day

tool

Event staff can access the sign-in tool via an emailed link

tool candidate list

Mark attendees as "interviewed" within the sign-in tool

Step 5: Post-event

Client recap email

Includes list of attendees and RSVPs by source

No-show email

Custom follow-up emails to no-shows

No-show resumes

Links to public resumes of no-shows