Using the Indeed Hiring Events Sign-in Tool

by Indeed Hiring Events

Posted on October 5, 2018

Getting Started

The day of your event has arrived. It's time to start setting up and welcoming your candidates. The best way to manage this process is to use the Indeed Hiring Events Sign-in Tool. The Sign-in tool will help you stay organized, save time, and provide you with greater insights into your event.

To get started with the tool, look for the link in your RSVP update email. This link can be shared with anyone on your team and they can access it from any mobile device, tablet or laptop.

Candidate sign-in

When using the Sign-in tool, you can streamline the sign-in process for your candidates by allowing them to visit a short link on their own mobile device. This link can be posted at the entrance to your event. When a candidate signs-in, the candidate’s name automatically is added to a list of attendees.

Get your Hiring Managers on the same page

As your team interview candidates, they can check names off the list. This way your team is always on the same page. Using the sign-in tool in the above example also means that you don’t have to staff someone to sign-in candidates.

Candidate attendance tracking

The other great part about asking candidates to sign-in using the short link is that we can then link them back to the source where they first discovered your RSVP page. For example, let’s say you shared your RSVP page on Facebook in addition to on Let’s assume a candidate saw your Facebook post and clicked a link to the Hiring Events’ RSVP page. When they RSVP for your event, we record that the user came from Facebook. When that candidate later appears at your event and signs-in, we know that Facebook helped to get them there. When the post-event recap email is sent, we will show you which sources sent the most attendees. In the example above, we would show you that at least one attendee came from Facebook. These insights allow you to know how to allocate your time and resources for future events.

Reengage no-Shows for more interviews

The best part about using the Sign-in tool on the day of your event is the impact that it can have after the event. When candidates sign-in using the tool, we know who has attended your event. That also means we know which RSVPs did not attend. For short, we call these candidates “no-shows.” Even though these “no-show” candidates didn’t attend, there is still tremendous value in having their contact information. We want to make sure you use all of that value. So, when you use the check-in tool, we automatically send an email to your “no-shows” the day after the event. In the email, we ask them to indicate if they would still like to interview with you. If they do still want to schedule an interview, we notify you so you can contact them to schedule them.

We hope you see the value in using the Indeed Hiring Events Sign-in Tool and use it at your event. If you have any questions about the tool, please contact your sales rep for additional information.