Westgate Resorts uses Indeed Hiring Events to streamline the process of hiring for multiple roles

by Indeed Hiring Events

Posted on October 5, 2018

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Westgate Resorts is a world leader in the timeshare and hospitality industry. The company provides families with affordable experiences at the most desirable destinations in the country: from the sandy beaches of the Atlantic Ocean to the snow-covered Utah mountains.

Staffing resorts can be challenging because of the wide variety of roles to fill. A resort needs to hire HVAC technicians, security guards, front desk staff, maids and more.

With Indeed Hiring Events, Westgate Resorts can easily attract large numbers of candidates to an event and hire for many different roles on the spot. Indeed handles the logistics of posting all the job titles on Indeed.com and attracting quality talent.

“With Indeed Hiring Events, we were able to make 117 hires during our two-day event with a cost per hire of just $22.”

— David Mowell Senior Director of Talent Acquisition, Westgate Resorts

“We had 695 candidates RSVP for our 2-day event,” says David Mowell, Senior Director of Talent Acquisition. “We received regular updates about how many people had RSVPed, which allowed us to anticipate the number of hiring managers needed at the event.”

Using Indeed Hiring Events, Westgate Resorts was able to make 117 hires during their two-day event. Their cost per hire was just $22.

“Being able to hire for so many different roles has been really helpful! We are very happy with the quality of our new hires and the number of people who showed up at our event,” says Mowell.